Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some new stuff

My PC was in the shop for maintenance and cleaning and Trevor found that the hard drive was breaking down. So, I now have a new bigger hard drive 250 GB and a 500 GB external hard drive for backup and storage. The backup system is not working and I shall have to get Trev back here to fix it. I have a new mic and ears, and a new karpinski anti virus that Trev says is the best one out there now.

When I found how the the Hellebore photos appeared I had to find the information on negative / positive space perception. I have written it up on my Flickr group here:
I have also done a thread on my group about shooting in contrasty places... like white and dark together... without blowing out the white highlights. That thread is here:

I also have a thread done up about Wabi Sabi

These things don't have much to do with Whimsies, Flares or Echos, but I wanted them on Flickr to refer to on the site.

I am having trouble with Flickr comments notifications being sent to me but this stuff has never been satisfactory, so I guess I will leave it for now. They suggested changing primary mail to Yahoo but it did not seem to make any difference, and I am so tired of wasting time on this.

I tried out my Skype type chat last nite... too chicken shit to use voice, so far. Oh well.

I have not got out to shoot the grid yet this month and had nothing .. not one photo for last month. Two of my photos appear on Mike's You Tube video of the Grid on Channel A TV; here:

Since my last photo upload, we have been on the Fuel Economy Run with the RROC and Bentleys club to Vancouver and Pemberton. The road to Whistler is a big mess. We saw Jo and Lloyd the nite before the meet. She is not doing well at all. He is redoing the kitchen and it looks pretty good.

We also went to the Munro, WA. swap meet. I got a few new blue glass pieces and 6 new doillies.

It has started to rain now and then, the temperatures are cooler. There is lots of color in the trees and plants this year.

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