Monday, August 15, 2005

On Friday last, we joined the group of Old Car and Hot Rodders that gather at the Royal Oak Mall and tour to the Port of Victoria where the cruice ships dock. There was a grand sunset!

I got my 2 rolls of color film back from the lab today. There is not much on them. One or two shots worth noting, when ever I get around to scanning them in. The TMax is at the lab. Bought some more film - color for the Holga and a Velvia for the 35mm.

I got a smaller rum pot today and Pat got some brandy for me. This pot holds almost 4 litres.. it is almost full of plums and blackberries. I will need the larger pot if I am going to add strawberries, cherries and blueberries, and perhaps more blackberries.

The plums are very very ripe and falling off the tree. We have had 52 days without rain, and some very hot temperatures. We seem to be in a drought. We are still on water rationing, but our water reserve was at about 70% last time I saw anything about it in the paper.

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