Monday, March 21, 2005

To day in the Garden and on the computer

sanguinaria Canadensis Posted by Hello

This flower is not blooming yet, but hopefully it will be blooming by May. As everything is early this year, this lovely flower may be in bloom in April.

I was weeding in my garden for about 3 hours today. It was cloudy, about 13 celcius. A very relaxing and lovely afternoon.

On my computer, I seem to be slowly learning to manage my scanner to do ordinary documents and send them by email. Use the rtf files and scan, read and scan and save. Three steps to it, then send the file or print it. I did a copy of the notice of public hearing on Nob Hill, from Colwood, hearing to be held on March 29 at 7:00.

Tomorrow we go for lunch at Dunlop House at 1:30 with Jim and Sheila. This is always a treat.. excellent food and company.

There is a link to Flickr -- a Vancouver photo uploading and sharing site -- in the information of this blog. I had a quick look at Flickr and it seems to me to be very busy. For the moment, I think I will stay with and I became very disenchanted with Photopoints people and the direction the site is taking. The forums and photos seem to be the domain of the smutty boys and slutty girls club. There is no room for learning or good critiques in the agenda. It has become a chatroom. I have said so, and Oscar deactivated my account. I wished him luck with his venture, but I really hope he gets his nose rubbed in the garbage he is allowing on that beautifull site he has created. Who knows, maybe that kind of shit will make his sb & sg club grow and flourish. I must thank him, though for getting me started on this blogging thing, and onward to thinking about creating my own web page. It was a lot of fun trying to make my ephotosite on his template site. My next one will be my own and won't be rudely pulled down by the insecure puppy. ONWARD!

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