Friday, March 25, 2005

links to my old blog

This flower is like my old template web page... beautiful but torn, ripped off the net.

I am adding the links to my old blog that was so rudely deactivated because of my protest in the forums about obscene and lewd material allowed on the site. The place has become the Smutty Boys and Slutty Girls club, so I am just as well out of it.

I had quite a lot of information saved to that blog and do not want to lose the time and effort I put into it. So, here are the links to all my old posts.

November 17, 2004 Gardening, Photography, etc
November 22, 2004 Fractal Geometry
December 01, 2004 Photography, Gardening, etc.
December 12, 2004 Internet Ombudsman
January 03, 2005 January garden, travel, etc
January 09, 2005 Record Snowfall
January 09, 2005 Southeast Asia Disaster
February 01, 2005 February in the Garden
February 03, 2005 World Print Conference South Africa

February 08, 2005 Pixpo
February 08, 2005 Gung Hai Fa Choi
February 15, 2005 Real or Hoax?
February 19, 2005 Saggitarius - neutron star
February 20, 2005 Holga
March 06, 2005 March in the Garden
March 11, 2005 A Nation in Tears
March 11, 2005 Mount St. Helens
March 11, 2005 Computer stuff

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Maggie said...

I guess these old archived links are dead. I shall have to remove this post, some time. C'est la vie. That was more than 10 years ago, and I am in the process of cleaning up some of the old stuff on my web page. At least I will take it off my web page. But that site was my introduction to blogging. I don't believe there are blogs there any longer, and it is under new ownership for quite a few years, now.