Monday, March 28, 2005

Computer stuff

March 31, 2005 I signed up for 500 MB of hosted space with go.daddy for $37.92 for a year. I must change my settings on it to say yes to front page extensions I think. Billie will tell me.

I got a call from Billy at __daddy today. He gave me some good information that I think I should probably act on. I can get 500 MB for about $35. I will probably try and find a template to do a page; although I am slowly learning a bit about how to use Front Page. I have a WS_FTP now too, thanks to one of my good "STEVE" internet friends, who shall go nameless for now.

In April, I think I will try and be more organized with my blogs. One for computers, one for gardening, maybe one for other stuff., or maybe just one big long blog for the whole month.

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