Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Digital darkroom

 This is a photo from the Upper Canada Village from our trip in 2009.
 This is from our trip on the Rocky Mountaineer.
I have been spending a lot of time in photoshop, trying to learn to improve my files.  I have been using 16 bit mode and find that it adds more data.  Also adding layers with adjustments on them adds more and more data, too and the files get larger.  When I save as PNG files they are even larger.  I can open files in camera raw to do even more interesting adjustments.  Yesterday, I found the transform adjustment under lens correction / manual.   The PNG site is very interesting:  This blog won't let me upload a PNG file so I just put them into Jpeg, untiul I discover how to reduce the size without losing data.  I downloaded Gauntlet, but I am not sure if it supports 16 bit.  It made a smaller one larger for some reason.  .... more learning! 
 The Atlantes from our trip to France in 2002
 The three graces at the Louvre from our trip to France in 2002.  The above images were turned back to jpegs after processing in 16 bit, camera raw, 16 bit mode, etc. 
This is the Virginia creeper from a couple of weeks ago.  While we were away it slumped down the pole and is looking rather like an octopus.  I thought I would leave it there while it changed colors, but it is getting kind of ragged with people driving on it.  Pat might be getting the driveway fixed, so it might not last until color change time.

Saanich has had Don Mann excavating in to make a trail across the deer pasture.  They have removed what seems to be most of the trees and bushes that Saanich does not want to keep in the park.  So far the trail looks nice, but it has two outlets onto our street for some odd reason.  The other end of this repair goes to Gerda St. where they are going to make some sort of a park monument thing within a circle with about a 10 foot diameter.   The trail has had a layer of drain rock and now a layer of gravel.  It is has curves and is quite close to the River.  This changes the whole appearance of the deer pasture.   Pictures and more later.

The yellow plums are finished for this season.  We ate quite a few and I have 4 containers of pureed fruit frozen.  So far, we have had 2 figs.  There are a few more ripening.  I watered the front a couple of times. And watered at the back.  Finally, tonite we seem to have been getting some measurable rain.

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