Friday, August 16, 2013

August gardening

 Last Sunday, we took the 1912 Model T to the Arts and Music fund raising day at the Horticultural Center of the Pacific.  After seeing the botanical gardens and how dried the gardens are, I do not feel so bad about mine little dried up garden.  This is the heather garden. I brightened up the colors with photoshop.  I am not sure it is an improvement.
 Jack Cooper was one of the artists ... and there were lots of the HCP show.  I had to have his Mad Hatter.  It hangs on the back garage now.  Jack does not have a studio to make his cement sculptures.  He says he has a day job, and the only place I will find his stuff is at shows.
 This was a nice find.  I think this gargoyle is bronze.  Wish I had it to set by the neighbors garbage cans that everyone sees when they come to our front door.
 On our Rocky Mountaineer Train trip one of the stops was the Athabasca Falls.  Wonderful place.
 Rainbow on the Athabasca Falls.  We also stopped at the Columbia Icefields.  I need to get more photos tweaked.  I am trying hdr merge and a few other things to improve the photos. 
 I was out in the open air vestibule to get this photo of the train, along the Kicking Horse River.
We were to visit Peter and Audree on Wednesday.  Thanks for the lovely lunch.  This photo was taken on the return ferry to Chemainus.  It was not really sundown, but there was a bit of color in the atmosphere and the clouds.  I just enhanced the colors.
Peter and Audree gave us a gallon or two of crab apples.  Yesterday I put them through the juicer and boiled up the juice with sugar.  I thought crab apples did not need pectin.  Well, these crab apples seem to need it, cause the juice did not jell.  Today I boiled it again and added pectin.  Hope it works this time.
I was out in the garden for about 3 hours and got the driveway strip cleaned up.  Also got a lot of deadheading done in the front garden.  I have watered the plum tree and all across the front strip.  The cedars seem to be doing ok after I had the tops cut down a bit last spring.  There is not many things in bloom. 

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