Saturday, March 16, 2013


 This is an older photo of a vista from the neighbors driveway over the valerine the sun dial, the thyme circle, and the rest of my garden towards our driveway.  I am adding albums of my little urban garden  to a gardening community on google+.  This is really an interesting virtual community, and fun. 
 A photo from my trip to the Butterfly Gardens a few weeks ago.  This is the Great Mormon's mating.  Female is the more colorful one.  My page of information says they are the same size but the female looks much larger in my photos. (Papillo Memnon)  I have quite a few more to process and eventually add to the Megashot Butterflies community.  No rush.  I have a annual pass for the Butterfly Gardens,.  It is really inexpensive at $10.  It seems hard to find the time to get out there though.
 The Corsican Hellebore.  The other hellebores are in bloom also.  The daffidols, the wind flowers, the primulas, the winter jasmine are in bloom too.  But I do not have recent photos of them either.
This is the corylus avellana contorta, corkscrew hazel or Harry Lauders walking stick.  Its a gorgeous thing when the sun shines through these long hanging catkins.    This is an older photo too but the catkins are hanging on,
We have been having rain but warmer temperatures recently.  The back garden is just soggy!  The front garden in front of the hedge is going to need weeding.  It is full of weeds.  Some of the compost I added after removing daisies must have been full of weed seeds.  If I get them while the ground is damp they will be easier to pull out. 
I have found the pump in the pond has stopped running.  I checked it for blockage and then turned it on again.  It did not go until I pushed the reset button on the electrical panel.  Worked for a few hours and the next morning it was stopped again.  Repeated the reset and now it has been running for 2 days, so it should be good now, hopefully. 
Valerie and Harvey were over a couple of weeks ago and we went to Dunlop House for a late lunch.  By the time we finished we had no time to go to see their photos from their trip to India.  Ah well, they haven't seen any of my trip photos and don't appear to be interested either.  I have only about 1/4 of them processed for my web page,  I am sooooooo behind in that page.  I have bought a new domain that I want to use for a word press page.  So there is another big learning curve if ever I get the time.  I am way too busy on Megashot, too, of course.  And then next week I must get started on my income tax return.  Hate that stuff.  They should not be allowed to make it as complicated as it is.

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