Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 Primula Marginata that sits on the table on the deck.  I should repot it, but I like moss.
This is an HDR done in photoshop from 3 bracketed photos.  This adds a lot more detail, I think, but also adds a lot more time to the processing of the photos.  And, of course, makes larger files.
 Drop shadow added to the above photo.  I made this one into a perfect square format.
 The new (from the orchid show and sale) miniature Phal. Sogo Vivien, from Kingfisher Orchids in Sidney.  This is also hdr from bracketed shots.
 While looking at the PS Express app on my Ipad I found that this little software does some cool frames for the photos.  This set me off on a search for frames or for a PC version of the PS express.  I think this rounded corners is on my 'actions' tab on my PSCS5.  The drop shadow above is from the same place.
 Brushed aluminum frame on PSCS5.
 I got carried away and added several frames to this one.  The corners one would be nice for that scrap booking look.
 On this one, I was trying to learn how to run some of the 'actions'.  These hours of playing in my photoshop have given me some insights into some of the stuff I am seeing on Megashot.  I need to learn more about 'brushes' also, someday.  Oh yeah, the digital darkroom, lets you make a photo of a blizzard in the dog days of summer.    Its hard to know what is real or fake any more.
 This is one of the cool photos from my ipad.  There is a way to take this frame and add it t9o my frames file on Paintshop Pro, as I did for one I called 'foxy' some time ago.  This also takes time.  Adobe sure doesn't give anything away for free.
 This is a frame called spatter on PSCS5 actions panel.
This is one of the hdr from the braket shots done in PSCS5

We have had some very nice warm days and I have been sitting at my computer doing this stuff.   After Easter, I will get out and garden.  The soggy back garden should be dried enough to mow the grass.  The spring flowers are all looking good.  Daffodils, windflowers, polyanthus, primulas, hellebores, grape hyacinths, and more. 


Anonymous said...

Glad you are experimenting with hdr and finding true sharpness instead of manipulated sharpness which software gives.

Maggie said...

I must admit they do look better with the bracketed ones merged. I am not very good at the rest of the process. Practice practice