Sunday, May 06, 2012

Polyanthus - primrose

 the polyanthus (primrose) are doing quite well.  There are some along in front of the rhodos by the steps up to the deck, some beside the pond, and some along the edge of the old sidewalk behind the garage, which is the edge of the 'woodland' area.  I could move one or two to the front, maybe.
this is another photo taken from the boat as we went along the Ynngtze.  The heavy industrial has given way to a bit more rural  look as we get closer to the Three Gorges.   As I look at my photos I realize how much I learned on this trip, despite my whining about not wanting to go, and being ill from flying, as usual.  I wait for my next phlobotomy and hope the headaches desist.  Stress is not good and neither is higher altitudes... c'est la vie!

Yesterday, I managed to get the grass mowed... I do not have much to do, and I have a very nice rechargeable mower.  I cleaned up beside the house.. that is, moved the planters along there, to the back and to the garden.  These are the plant boxes that Andy and Tara left behind.  So, I am not sure what I will do with them, as I have plenty of pots.  I could use a couple of them turned upside down as bases for a couple of my willows that are in pots and are hanging down over the sides.  ... perhaps beside the pond and I could use a really tall one at the front by the roses to set up the Japanese Quince which looks like it will be doing just fine. Hope it blooms next year.  I see the one that is along the chip trail, where an old home was taken out, is in bloom now... so I hope mine blooms next year.

Today, I trimmed one side of the boxwood hedge and the trimmer's battery died.  Its a very good machine.  I would hate to be doing this manually, now.  The trimmer works very well, but does not hold a charge for very long.  I think I used it for about 1 1/2 hours today before it died.  I have it plugged in now and the light is still red.  Its been about 5 hours since I plugged it in.  Oh well.. this is its first run of the season.  It was unplugged and charged so, I do not know how much of its charge it lost while sitting unplugged over winter.

While waiting for it to charge I got a bit more weeding done at the front and a bit at the back.  As I get the grass and hedges trimmed, I see that there is not too much to do.  I could spray the rock paths with weed killer to make the weeding easier.  The bluebells in the woodland need attention.

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