Thursday, May 03, 2012

Front Garden in April

 This is a view of the fern leafted peony, the corsican hellebore, the west coast planter and some of the other alpines that are thriving in this little rockery under a deciduous tree in clay soil with a covering of flat field rocks.
 The mountain avens are spreading quite nicely.  I need to keep them clipped into the space there is for them.
 This little rhododendron like shrub is doing very well and is surrounding the little sundial in the little circle.  The alpine daisies are doing well in this little circle, but I cannot seem to get thrifts to survive here.  One other plant would be good to have in the circle. 
 This sedum with the pinkish hue is spreading under the smoke bush that has plum colored leaves.  Its a good combination and allows a flat area.  There are self seeding alliums in front of it as well as a few other taller perennials.  The front part looks a bit messy and I should clean it up more.
 This bridal veil sprirea bush is good every year.  I clip it.  If I did not clip it the branches would be long and hang down like a veil, in white.  I prefer the  clipped look.  It looks good against the dark hedge.  The new line of blue muscari make a nice layer of detail to this area of the garden that is between the street and the hedge.  I need to get that little hedge trimmed up this year.  I cut it back quite a bit last year and it was looking quite scraggly.  It is filling out now and needs careful pruning back.  All part of the fun.
 This shows the sundial circle and the sedum just across the rock border of the sundial bed.
This is a shot of the canola along the Yangtze river.  You can see how industrial the area is from all the smog in the air.  

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