Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April in bloom

 We returned from our trip to China on the 16th of April.  The magnolia tree is magnificent and very fragrant. 

 Last Autumn I planted a row of muscari along the front strip of grass in front of the crocus field.  I thought they would bloom at the same time and the muscari would be the border.  As you can see the crocuses are finished blooming.  The muscari will spread quickly, though, I think.

 The two pasque flowers are in bloom and looking good.  All of the beds need to be cleaned up and the weeds pulled.  The daffodils are finishing up and the tulips starting.  I have more photos of the garden  to process.  It is all looking pretty good.  The little rockery is slowly coming along.  I have room for maybe a couple more plants, but hesitate to get more right now, as they need to be watered carefully the first year in the ground, and our summers are so very dry.
The pump on the pond's waterfall has been shutting itself off.  I use the reset button to turn it on again.  I guess this is not too big of a problem as I can turn it on when I am out there and enjoy it, otherwise no one else is seeing it anyway. 
This is my best shot of the Great Wall of China.  We had quite a busy trip with many steps up hill and down.  Our ship for the 8 days on the Yangtze was not quite up to Uniworld standards, but we survived.  By the last day of the 18 day trip I was not so perky and well ready to go home.  We have our days and nights mixed up and are still getting them sorted out.  It will be some time before I get any more photos processed. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad your garden survived and flourished while you were gone. I was wondering if you would be worn to a frazzle by the time the trip was over.