Monday, December 05, 2011

The light garden

This phalenopsis has been in bloom for at least a month.  It is too tall to fit on the light garden shelf and so sits beside the light garden.  Maybe this is why it is lasting so long... it might be cooler when it is not directly under the lights.
This one has opened into two fairly simple little flowers. 

This is the miniature cattalaya "Pixie".  It has 3 blooms this time.  Very showy,.  I am not getting good color under these lights.  I am shooting in RAW and the right white balance.   The African Violets were just too messy to add, but most of them are in bloom too.
One of the cactus.  It's color turned out not too bad.  All of the backgrounds are messy too.
More practice! 
On Saturday, we were out to the 6 mile pub with the Model T group.  The truck parade went right past the pub.  They were late and were going very fast.  I didn't get any photos of them that are worth saving.  I should have taken my camera with me on Sunday when we were out to lunch at the Cedar Hill Golf Club.  There were some nice views out over the Golf Course.
It is not winter, yet, but we have been having a rather nice bit of late Autumn weather.  There were a couple of over night freezes when I brought the humming bird feeder in and put out the feeder with the warm food.  We seem to have at least two Anna's humming birds that are visiting most of the day.  The front tree still has at least a third of its leaves attached.  So, it seems I will still be raking leaves at Christmas time. 
I am trying to do a walk every day.  So, between Megashot, walking, cooking, gardening, and reading, I don't seem to be getting much time with my photos.  I have made no progress on my old web page this year.  And have accomplished nothing in sorting out our travel bags into folders of pertinent stuff.  Some day we will downsize and everything will just get trashed and shredded, I suppose.


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