Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in the Park and garden

About the middle of the month I went to Walmart and purchased a Sony DSC W560 very compact digital.  It does sweep panoramas and stitches them in the camera.  I am just learning to use it, and have not found the time to do a panorama yet.  This is my new teddy bear shot at night.  This little camera has a Carl Zeiss lens.  I can set some high ISO with it.  Mostly, I wanted the panorama, but I think I am going to like some of the functions that allow me to shoot in different situations.  I need more time with this little goodie. 
This little tree along the walking trail in Panama Hills park has been decorated for Christmas the last few years.
The little holly tree is slowly growing.  It must be about 18 feet tall now.  It is loaded with berries this year.  In the front the tree has finally lost its leaves.  I have a bit of raking to do yet.

In the house the Tibochina shrub has decided to go into bloom.  The second photo seems to have a ghosting effect where the flower seems to be superimposed on its shadow... I have no idea what happened here.  I think I was using my 50 mm lens on the Canon Rebel.  The 50 mm would have had the UV filter on it for protection.  Whatever caused this.. I like it.  Would be nice to figure out how to duplicate it.  The African violets are blooming and only one orchid is now left in bloom.

I was working with the RAW converter on these photos from our trip down the Oregon coast and to the Grand Canyon.  At this time I was using my old Canon Powershot A50 that shoots in RAW format.  That RAW converter is really interesting to use.

We have been busy with house guests and the usual Christmas calls and cooking.  Although, we had a quiet Christmas day with the two of us for the Christmas duck dinner.  Tomorrow I make dinner for 6 . . it should be fun.  I think I have everything ready and can stop being antsy and enjoy it all.
We were to Art and Marlens's new home.  Its really very nice.  They are still unpacking and had their family and us over to brunch.  Was good to see Leslie and David, and the newest grandchild, Hannes.  Lily is her usual delightful self.  I can just imagine her grandmother being much the same sort of charming child.

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