Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am tweaking a few photos of   'petal art' for the community on .

We have had some wonderful weather this last week.  I have finished edging the back grass area.  I moved the edging stones out a bit and reset them.  Today I was out all afternoon.  I finished trimming the hedges with my new cordless rechargeable hedger.  I have yet to do the final trimming by hand.  I mowed the grass, including the crocus field, as the crocus leaves were mostly brown and gone into dormancy.  As there were quite a lot of hedge trimmings in the lawn mower bag, I added them to the woodland trail.  I won't be renovating that trail this year.  It really just needs some bigger bark chips than I can get from Cannor.  Mrs. P. asked me to take off a few branches of my English Oak tree as her laundry was getting caught in it, so I did that with my long pole pruner.   I topped up the pool and put a bit of water on the garden.  There are a few little plants up.. no potatoes yet.  The whole garden is looking not too bad.  I need to add bark mulch to the front area by the magnolia tree,  after weeding; and a few other fine tuning things.

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