Saturday, May 22, 2010

At Ragley Farm

This is a super macro shot of the tiny flower growing on the old mossy rock wall around the Ragley farms house.  These tiny flowers also inhabit lawns, but I cannot seem to entice any of them into my lawn.  I do finally have an erodium growing in the little rockery at the front.  Its flowers are bigger, but look similiar.  More on this in the next post.
Last Sunday we joined the VCCC people on a run out to Ragley Farms in Sooke.  Was a pleasant drive. I took a photo of this greyhound hood ornament on a 34 Ford Fordor.  I was amazed to see the skeleton of the dog in the photo when I viewed it on my computer.  I never noticed this when I was shooting it.
The Bentley in front of the farm cookhouse.  Very contrasty shot.
I have got a bit of gardening done in the past week, and quite a lot of time spent on Megashot.  We are going to have our first Contest starting June 1st, with cash prizes and more.  The contests is for Flower photos.
Come join the fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie

I enjoyed your photos. Do you have a name for the little blue plant? I am trying to inhabit small places in my garden.


Maggie said...

This is a 'wild' plant. I think it is in the geranium family. There are miniature varieties of perennial geraniums that do very well in well drained soil.

These little plants are easy maintenance. They spread easily and are easy to keep within their allotted space.