Thursday, December 27, 2007

Victoria Grid December

A couple of the shots that I used in the Victoria Grid Project group on Flickr. This is Bowker Creek in Oak Bay area. was sold some time last spring. Josh Root is the Admin for PN and has set up a blog on blogspot to note the problems the site is having. The blog is for people to check when the site crashes, it seems. I doubt that very many people even know of the blog or of the sale to Name Media Inc. Here is the October/first post to the blog:
I am deleting photos on, as I no longer see any value in keeping them on that site. The forums will still have the information, I imagine. There are tons of ads there now. It sounds like an impossible task to add the new hardware and any new or changed features. PN has a newsletter that they forward to all registered members... that mailing list alone must be a real mess. The news letter is just not that exciting, either. ho hum!!

Flickr is noisy and has some terrible glitches, too. It will be nice to move to Cyrus' new site when its up and running. I think there are quite a few of us who can't wait till it is ready!

I was to see Dr.Sparanese today for my thyroid meds renewal. They told me in the morning that I could just come in as a walk in to the clinic, didn't need an appointment... well hell, I wait for an hour and then he was well past his leave the clinic time.. I wonder if he was due at the hospital ... hope not.

Yesterday we had these snowballs falling.. like hail. Its been quite cold lately and so the roads can be icey.

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