Saturday, December 15, 2007

Southwest US trip

A couple of photos from our trip down to New Mexico last year. The Painted Desert is a very interesting place to photograph. I won't be getting around to loading this trip to my web page any time soon.

I have been out to the Grid (oak bay, again) but didn't get much in the way of photos. I must get a few tweaked and loaded to the Grid project soon. They had the meet, today to decide on next month's grid and to go shoot alleys with some person from Monday magazine or somewhere or other. I did not care to go, maybe I should have, though. It was raining, it could not have been a very good day for the shoot. We will see what they use, I guess.

Lloyd was over Friday and back home after our meeting with Penner re Nob Hill. We now go on Tuesday. So this has been cutting into my sleep and play time, too. Three more days and its finished, one way or another.

I am thinking of doing the July Antique run photos up for my blog, when next I get some time. I should also finish the Up Island trip for my web page. This album is half finished. Would just take a bit of time to do it up. I have not published anything to my page since April. This blog is just so convenient to use and to vent.

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