Sunday, March 18, 2018

My garden in early March, and some of the light garden in flower

 A photo of all the signs before the bridge at Reedsport, California from our trip. 
 miniature African violet in its decorative pot.  The pot looks better than the flower.  :)
 The species Cattalaya Intermedia in bloom from late February to early March.  It has a nice fragrance.
 The white Phalenopsis, that was the blue one when I purchased it a few years ago.  It had a nice show of five flowers.  Was starting its bloom when we left on our trip on February 16 and is still in bloom now, on March 18.  Dan took good care of the plants while we were away.  Thanks Dan, for your care of our home.
 The Harry Lauders walking stick putting on its annual show of golden catkins.
 below the golden catkins the epimedium is dressed in its Spring burgundy and growing out of the green moss.  It seems to like this location and is thriving and blooming in light yellow.  This moss garden is beginning to fill in with the moss and the shade plants.  With the plum tree gone, I should have less debris to clean off the moss. 
Some of the crocuses in the strip along in front of the two rectangles of the front boulevard garden.

The past week we have had some warmer temperatures, but I have not been out gardening.  I have had some things to catch up on after our trip.  Pat is putting together my new table and chairs.  I have had a little time to work on the November in the garden album of my ancient web page.  I hope to have it uploaded by the end of the month.

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