Saturday, September 03, 2016

A walk on the trail

 For a week in early August there was repair done to the walking bridge over the Colquitz River at Gerda road.  It is now finished, of course.  The repair to the bridge at Wilkinson and Mann is taking a lot longer.  Of course, this is a traffic bridge. There will be an increase to the height of the roadbed and the bridge.  Also, there will be some work done on the trail along the River in this area.
 This is a spirea, blooming in mid August along the trail.
 A queen anne's lace flower, also along the trail.
 A Russian thistle.  I believe these flowers are attractive to butterflies.  The queen anne's lace makes a lovely garden perennial.  I need a few more of them in my garden.  Today, I found a local plant nursery that carries native plants.  There are a couple of shrubs they have that are on my wish list:
 Last week end we had a meeting of one of the old car clubs.  This meet was organized by Barbara and Steve.  Barbara has an extensive and gorgeous garden.  This is just one of the many features of her garden.
This is one of Barbara;s Dahlias.  She has a huge collection of them.

We have finally had a bit of rain.  The last few days have been perfect for gardening; so, I have been able to get a few things done out in the garden.  Our purple plums gave us a huge crop.  We have some frozen for fruit and pies and have been eating them fresh for the last couple of weeks.  The apple tree, also, is loaded with fruit, but not yet ripe.  The fig tree has a very big second crop.  I do hope they are ready soon.  They are big, but still green.  The grape has produced an abundant crop, also.

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