Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sitemeter and Canadian Wildlife Federation photo contest

First the good news:  I have entered the above photo into the Canadian Wildlife Federation's monthly contest.  This is a photo from our trip to Botanical Bay, last year.  We camped at the Pacheedat Campgrounds and were right beside the San Juan River.  Wish me luck.

The sad news:  My sitemeter that I really liked has not been working for the last while.  I checked the dns for it and found it was built by David Smith in the late 1990s.  It should have been renewed in April, I believe but was not.  Further to my sitemeter not working I searched for other people having problems with Sitemeter and found this site:   It seems Word Press users were having far more trouble with this than I was on this Blogger.  I checked David Smith's LinkedIn and it seems he is no longer in California but is in Washington, D.C. and lists Sitemeter as his previous work and now works at something else.  So, sad to say, I will need to delete any remnants of sitemeter from my page and blog.  I shall have to find a new one. 

In the garden, we have harvested 3 dozen figs, so far.  The yellow plums are beginning to get over ripe, and falling off the tree.  But I have quite a lot of them preserved and frozen, so shall just clean up under the tree.  We are currently in a drought.  Most of B.C. is the same with forest fires everywhere.  Thank heavens we are still ok here. 

I am slowly getting photos for the 2015 trip to the Prairies done and ready to upload to my secret Megashot account.  :).  I will send links to those who want to see them, as soon as get them finished.  It is going to take quite some time yet. 

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