Monday, December 30, 2013

A walk in the Park in early December

 Belated Christmas wishes and all the best in the new year.  This is a combination of two photos.  The hummingbird really was feeding at a snowy feeder.  I just added the background of more snow.  In the last few days our temperatures have been above freezing so the humming birds are feeding without the cold and snow.
 The following photos are from the 4th of December... still Autumn...  when I went for a walk in the Park.  The sun was shining and the colors were incredible.  We had very nice Autumn colors this year.
One view of the Pond in the park.   It had thin ice on it, but no birds.  Very unusual.  This photo is going to be one that I will be using on the calendar I am making.  I have found a template for making the calendars that uses Windows Office.  I am trying to learn to use my printer to add my own photos to the calendar.  Its not perfect, but I am learning more about printing.   I will soon need more ink, though.  :-)  Yesterday, I was able to do, what I thought, was a very good job of photos of Pat's motorcycle that he will be getting licensed as an antique, as the licensing department needs the photos to see that it is an authentic antique.
 This is a close up of a lovely big piece of moss against the golden background light.
 more of the ice on the pond and the reeds at the edge.
Our park is allowed to grow its natural grasses and trees.  The view was wonderful with the grasses moving and shining in the sunlight.

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