Thursday, July 25, 2013

June gardening

I got quite a bit of gardening done before we left on our trip at the end of June.  The roses, were doing very well.  This is the fragrant English rose, Gertrude Jekyl.
 The California lilac and the smoke bush were trimmed to fit their space.  As usual they make a fine combination in the front garden.
 A close up of the Dutch Iris with one of the golden rocks of the front inner garden for a background.
 The Dutch Iris and the little veronica in the garden bed next to the street.  This bed was weeded and fed more compost this year. 
 The newly planted Geum with the backdrop of silver sedum in the inner garden.
 More of the inner garden showing the new geum, a new blue daisy, and a tiny balloon flower.  These plants have survived the hot temperatures while we were away. 
 The new wallflower in the front garden by the cement vase.  The wall flower looks good with the ladies mantle.  This spot needs to fill in more, with less ladies mantle. 
 The Siberian Iris clump in bloom.  All of my Siberian Iris are shades of blue.  I like how they look as a background for the david statue and in front of the bamboo. 
 More of the roses that are under the tall liquid amber tree. 
The iceberg rose by the front door constantly needs to be pruned to keep it off the entry way.  This makes for some nice boquets in the house.  Most of the photos were done with bracketing and hdr feature in photoshop, last month.

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