Monday, May 13, 2013

May vistas

 Looking towards the bench from the top grass path, over the hebe, and little front rockery.  The view looks pretty good with the cedars trimmed down a bit and the top leveled. 
 This is just a short vista.  :-) of the alliums, saxifragia, smoke bush, backed by the California lilac.
 The vista from the top grass path past the cement vase, the cement david, past the star magnolia.
 The vista of the little rockery at the front from the bench area.
This is the magnolia tree in a ray of sunlight.  It is hdr.  Before I downsized it for the web, I was comparing the size of the file to the size of the 3 bracketed shots  The end product after the hdr merge is 8.40 mb and the total of the 3 bracket shots is 12.29.  Plus if I do more processing after the hdr merge I will have an even larger file, supposedly with even more data. 

We have had showers off and on today, so I managed to get the laundry finished and a bit of work  done for the poetry page of my old web page.  I really must get more albums done this year. 

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