Friday, April 12, 2013

The garden in April

 This is the entry into the front garden.  This grass path winds past the stone path and then is enclosed in boxwood hedges on each side to feed out on to the neighbours grass strip.  The boxwood hedges need trimming back.  Hope to get at it soon.  The stone path leads off the grass path and takes you into the inner front garden.  I have been weeding this area of the garden this past couple of weeks.  The stone path is slowly getting the spaces filled with Corsican mint.  The little weeds have been pulled out before they went to seed, I hope, so it should be easier to keep clean now.  My cedars along the neighbors side are growing to a good side to hide their driveway and bare grass yard. 
 These fawn lilies are in the back woodland area.  The bluebells back here are taking over.  I must get after them and not let them go to seed this year.  I have all of the front ones leaves pulled off, so that they should not be able to bloom this year.  I might have to do them again, and dig out as many bulbs as I can.  The violets in the inner garden are slowly getting eradicated, except for the area by the water meter where I let them grow in the little stone path to the meter.  I do not see the trilliums in the woodland.  I may have to get new ones.  They might be dead from my digging out the big ugly plants around them last year.  The stone path at the back is cleaned up and weeded and the bluebells pulled off in the Japanese/moss garden... but the moss garden still needs some work.  The moss is coming along nicely. 
 This is another one of the butterflies that I captured in the Butterfly Gardens.  I must get out there more often.  I saw a white butterfly in the back garden a few days ago.  We had some very warm weather and sun.  It was a very big one, too.  I have not seen it again, though.
This is a bridge in Tongli, China.  I was looking at some of the photos from our trip of about this time last year.   The group of people that we traveled with have sent around an email about what they have been doing... not everyone replied. 
I have been using the hdr photo merge for some bracketed photos recently and I like the way they turned out... more detail.  I probably won't be able to use this for travel photos though, as there is usually very little time to snap photos; especially when traveling with a group and a tour guide.

Tomorrow I go to the Alpine and rock plant gardening society's show and sale, and then on Sunday I go out to Royal Roads to listen to a talk about the Italian garden and we do a tour of it, also.  I hope to have time to go to the Japanese garden too.  So, I have my cameras cleaned, batteries charged and setting set up for the indoor florescent (I think) shooting tomorrow. 

I have been reading the Harry Potter books again.  Seems like I missed a lot the first time through.  AND I was never going to bother reading those kids books!  Really enjoying the fantasy when there is too many horrible things happening in the world.  Eastern Canada has just had a big ice storm with 60,000 people with their power out.  We are lucky to live here, the best place in Canada.


Anonymous said...

the top photo path flows toward me like a stream A beauty.
Your garden has picked up very well since you are taking time from mega.

Thanks for the knee wishes; I cannot wait to walk again.

Maggie said...

thanks for the compliments. My garden is getting a bit more care in the last few years, and is slowly going into a lower maintenance garden, I hope. Like ... more heathers and other mounding things that take very little care. And the mulching with the compost that I get from my garden refuse people helps too. Every month when they empty my big green bin they leave me a bag of their compost. The service costs $20.00 a month and is well worth it.