Sunday, February 03, 2013


This is another one of the test shots from the other day with my new little camera with the big zoom.  This is cropped a bit, downsized and USM... nothing else, just right out of the camera.  
This little cyclamen is equally amazing.  It blooms almost constantly.  I have no idea why the others around it don't put up flowers.  I believe they are the same kind of clyclamen acaulis. 
I was able to get a bit more clean up done out in the garden today.  I limed the grass, the vegetable garden, and anything else that I thought liked a bit of lime.  I raked the leaves off the back grass and put them all down along the woodland path.  I added some all purpose fertilizer to the vegetable garden and then topped this up with 5 bags of the compost that the Community Compost guys leave as part of the contract.  They pick up every 4 weeks taking all my garden clippings and debris, and leave me a bag of compost.  They will take wood up to 3 inch diameter.  All this for $20.00 per pick up.  Now the City is talking about giving us a similar service.  Well.. I hope these guys get the contract to do this work.  I am very satisfied with how they do my pick ups.  I cannot see the city buying enough trucks to manage the work, as efficiently as these guys do it. I would say that 90% of my present garbage that the city takes is all plastics from packaging, stuff that cannot go in the recycle bin, so I am already sorting my garbage as these proposals specify. 

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