Friday, November 16, 2012

November Gardening

This decorative kale is in a pot on the deck.  I can see it from my computer desk.  I added it and a couple other Fall transplants last month.  I have a Mum, and a Viola, in pots that are doing fine.
 This is the golden delicious apple tree before we picked the apples.  We have 36+ lbs of applees stored in a couple of bins in the lower level.  I have moved my frozen soups, etc., from the gridge down there into my new deepfreeze that I keep in my computer room.  I need a cover for this appliance as it is glaring white.  Something in green would be nice.  I made a heaping apple pie 2 days ago.  It is pretty good.  I also have a few packages (593 ml) of apple sauce made and frozen.  We are eating the apples fresh every day and they are very good.
 One of the many pumpkins that have a second life as they appear along Cordova Bay Road where it goes through Mount Doug. park, all along the roadside.  Some of the designs are truly intricate.
A row of the jack o'lanterns on display along Cordova Bay Road in Mount Doug Park.

November gardening has been all about preserving the fruit from the plum and apple trees; and making and freezing soups.  We are trying to stay away from the salty store bought versions of soup.  I use mushroom soup and tomatoe soup in casseroles.  Otherwise, our soups are now homemade using chicken stock , beef stock, or fish stock..all homemade too.  The soups are so very tasty and nutritious made from fresh vegetables, dried beans, peas, grains and other good things to eat.


Maggie said...

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Maggie said...

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