Wednesday, October 03, 2012

On the 30 of Sept. we took the 1912 Model T out and road tested it's speedometer.  We clocked the fastest speed at 50 miles per hour, but that did not include the fast downhill runs we sometimes do in order to get a good run at the hill we must climb next.  In the evening, we packed our prepared supper into the Dodge Lodge and went out near the airport to try to catch the sunset.  With a little help from photoshop, this one turned out not too bad.  It helps to shoot in RAW.
 I am adding photos from our trip to Sask to an account at Megashot, where I have shared the link with family members.  This is somewhere in the Merritt area.  You can see the damage from the forest fire of some years ago, is now growing in green again. 
 This is one of the photos from our Island Challenge meet of the Antique Chapter of the VCCC.  Our meet hotel was at Campbell River Lodge that is located right next to the river.  Its a marvelous location.  I am uploading photos from this meet to a gallery on Megashot.  I will be linking all the participants in the meet to the gallery, as soon as I am finished adding all the photos, which should be soon. 
This is Pat's car at the "I blew it" Glass blowing studio on Quadra Island.  It was a challenging road to arrive at this, our final destination on the Island Challenge.  More photos in my Megashot gallery for the Island  Challenge

I have been making soups and freezing them.  Last one was the Classic Pea Soup with ham made from split peas, carrots, celery, onion, ham and the meat stock from cooking some smoked turkey legs.  We tested it for lunch today and it was pronounced good.  Today I made cabbage rolls, but only have one meal of them to freeze.    I must make more.  I found a very nice recipe for clam chowder that I will be making up next week.  I will be making lasagne also. 

We have had no rain for a month.  The soil is very dry.  Perhaps I should be out watering. 

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