Friday, July 06, 2012

Butterflies and things

 this is the Lorquin's Admiral Butterfly that was puddling in my garden, as I watered.  This butterfly must be desperate for a place to drink in our recent warm weather.  So, I am watering more often, especially in the spot where it was puddling.  It was by today, as I watered.  But it just did a fly by; at least, I did not see it stop.  There were also two whites flying around too.  I loaded this to Megashot for our Butterflies are Free Community.  We are getting quite a collection.
 This is a photo from our China trip.  I played with it in photoshop to give it that infrared look.  What do you think?  Does it look IR?  I loaded it to my JB account on Megashot.  JB is Just Bearly, one of my teddy bears.  Have a look at it on Megashot.  This is my referral code.  If you use it I will see when you join Megashot.  Its free at the moment, and will be very competitive rates if we ever get our fee schedule and Version 2 on line.  ..  communities, contests, critiques, comments, ratings, and much more... all settings at your own discretion.  Oh yeah, customization of your own page where you upload to your photos and create galleries to sort them. Oh, and megamail for keeping in touch with your contacts, friends and family.    See you there.
This is rim lighting, with the newest teddy bear, the fruit bowl and the rum pot.  The teddy bear was at the museum shop, calling my name, when I bought the Butterfly Book.  I had to go back and get the bear.  The rum pot?  yes, I have started one, this year.  I have 500 g of strawberries, a cup of sugar and about the same for brandy, covered and waiting for the next addition of fruit, sugar and brandy.  I think I will want to use cherries.  Our B.C. cherries are now in the stores and I should get some, and pit them and add to the pot. 

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