Thursday, March 01, 2012

Copyright Infringement

This is Cyrus Khamak's photo that is being used on another website without notification to him or request for permission to use his photo.  The full story is on our 'Image Theft" page on Facebook
Few days ago, I learned that 4 of my images have been stolen by a rather large Electronics company. They have used them without my permission to sell Photography related products, as high as $2,000.00 each. These products have been sold GLOBALLY and in places such as Ebay and BIG electronics distributors we all know about.
What makes this so shocking, is the fact that this company is actually a US based company located right here in the good old US of A, in California ! This goes to prove that some folks out there, don't give a damn for our intellectual properties and for our copyrighted material. most of the photographers I know, work awfully hard at their profession to be able to feed their kids and their family. Their hard labor only to be stolen by big corporations, or those of us out there who use them ILLEGALLY to promote themselves or their fan pages.
This matter is in the hands of the lawyers and I cannot reveal the name of the company or the products just yet.
Come join us to try to help 'educate' people in regard to copyright infringement, on's Facebook page: Stop Image Theft
There is a firefox addon to assist you in finding any of your photos that are on line and being used by someone else; in fact, stolen.  The addon is available HERE 
I have found many people using my Peace Rose, my David Austin Rose, my minature Yellow Water lily, and that was just a few minutes search.  More on this later. 
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Maggie said...

Don't you dare shame google!
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