Thursday, January 12, 2012

January gardening

 A walk in the park from a few days ago.
 While on my walk I stopped to snap the flock of geese that were feeding on the school grounds.  Of course, Leroy and his little friends who were also out for their walk had other ideas about the geese.
 The geese
 The school grounds in a panorama with the little Sony
 I guess this is the last rose of the year.
And the first snowdrop of the year... both on the same day.
On two days this week I spent two hours in the garden.  It was wonderful to be out.  I have been  cutting back the perennials and doing a bit of clean up.  I cut back some of the Virginia creeper and some of the mountain ash.  I cleaned most of the leaves off of the moss garden and the dry stream.  And off the alpines and the thyme circle in the front garden.  The vegetable garden, grass and some of the perennials have had lime spread on them.  Then I added  a 1.75 kg box of bone meal, mostly on where the bulbs are to be soon coming up.  I spent a bit of time digging up some of the blue bells that are spreading like crazy at the back.  These are a campanula bulb and are rather nice in small bunches. These plants are sprouting up leaves and so are easy enough to dig out.  Trouble is, I am not sure if all of them are the bluebells.  I have noticed that some of the dutch iris are up.  I expect to see the Saxatillis species tulips, that grow in the same area in the back garden woodland strip, coming up soon too.  I can keep the bluebells under control a bit if I do not let them go to seed, and do more digging them out when I find out which ones they are for sure. 
The weather this Fall and Winter has been almost balmy.  It has been freezing lightly over night and this week the days have been sunny and up 10 degrees.


Anonymous said...

Very nice panorama shot; you will have fun with the camera. I just a few days ago discovered my Droid phone would make panos. However, regular shots with it are so lousy I will probably not try it.

Maggie said...

well sure.. try it... I imagine you can delete it if it does not work. Gee too bad the droid does not take good photos. Some of those little phones do some pretty half decent stuff. Not that I want a phone that is a camera.