Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Early Autumn in the garden

This is another view of the renovated path in the back garden. 

The vegetable garden has been weeded and the compost added.  It needs one more bag of compost added.  The Community compost people emptied the bin today and left the needed bag.  I have used up all of the compost so far this year.
The weeding in the woodland garden is finished.  I will need to be very diligent about removing the blue bells when they come up in the Spring.  I have added the butterfly bush next to the black tub.  I have added the woodland compost to the area and have used up all of that compost that was available.  I have put in some daffodil bulbs, a few crocus, hyacinths and dutch iris along the middle ground of this 5 - 6 foot strip of woodland.  The area I am working on stretches from one side of the old garage along behind the garage to about half way past the garage.  I have not measured it, but it must be at least 25 feet.  I have purchased 11 perennials from Cannor, and I hope to put about half of them into this area.  There is a monarda, a veronica, a lychnis (Maltese Cross), Liatrus (gay feather), anise hyssop and a primula that I will add between the bulbs.  These perennials should cover the fading foliage of the bulbs from the spring.  Across the old sidewalk from this area is the lovely lace cap hydrangea under planted with some ... I think its called sweet woodruff and muscari, with some stray daylilies, the lily of the valley shrub, and ferns that hide the old black compost bin.  The compost bin needs to be emptied.  I am adding kitchen compost to it, so it should be good additive to the gardens when I get it dug out. 
Along the front I added 40 more muscari to the crocus field and I should now have a border of blue around the crocuses when they all come up in the spring. I expect to add a lavender, a black eyed susan, and a dwarf coreopsis to the strip next to the crocus field.  I need to keep the daisies under control in this strip and not let them crowd out everything else.  I could use one more pussy toes in the front of this border. 

The apples are not great this year.  I think they are ready to be used now.  I still have apple sauce in the freezer from other years. 
The next area on my to do list is the pond and Japanese garden area.  I need to weed all of the violets and stuff out of the moss garden, dig out some ferns that are taking over, and then think about what I am going to do about the area under the deck.  I want to make a sitting area, so there might have to be some digging and moving of dirt to make the level area. 
The trees are starting to turn colors and the rains have started.  There was over half an inch of rain in the rain gauge.  I saw a weather forecast saying that our winter is going to be colder than usual.  I guess those hornets were right! 

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