Tuesday, December 07, 2010

This and that

This gorgeous lace cap hydrangea is not in my garden, but I sure wish it was!
Yesterday I planted the 32 tulip bulbs I had purchased about a month ago.  I filled one of the old grey big pots and added 6 tulips to it.  This pot is going to sit on the deck and have basil growing in it.  Buying basil leaves for our new found pesto habit is expensive.    The rest of the tulip bulbs which are a pastel mix have been planted along the driveway.  These tulips are in a single row... I hope they expand quickly or they are going to look rather silly.  I should have planted them in clumps, but this is a very narrow garden bed and the area I have to plant is in front of the cedar hedge.  I have a nice bunch of perennial geraniums along part of this strip along the driveway.  I should get more of them.  They are tough and look good all year. 
We are to get more rain tonight and for a few days.  We were to have high winds.  We had that for just a few minutes and it calmed down again.
I put more apples out for the deer.  They do seem to eat them.  Something eats them.  I still have quite a few to gather up.  There are still some apples on the tree, too. 

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