Monday, November 08, 2010

More Autumn Colors

The front garden, with the liquid amber tree just beginning to change colors.
1931 Buick hood ornament called Mercury... Yes FTD used these cars for deliveries. I have been playing with a few of my old photos with a view to uploading a few on Megashot for the new community called Bygones and Antiques.
I just like it.  
 Another one from May 2009 when we were on the Antiques Auto run to the Sunshine Coast.  I think this was at Gibsons Landing.  Someday, I may get the "Cars" albums finished on my web page.  None of the albums are made, just starting a list.  Its good for reference.  My Travel page is 5 years behind.  Oh well.. maybe next year I will get more done.  Have been very busy with Megashot this year.
Its been a partly sunny, bits of rain kind of day.  When I got up this morning there was a rainbow to greet me.  My photos are not that great, though. 
Yesterday, I cleaned the filter on the pond pump and its running ok again.  The deer are eating the apples, but not all at once.  We have had more apples falling, and so I am taking them across the road to the deer pasture.  We still have apple sauce left from years past.  In talking with our guests it seems they spotted the blue heron on the deck railing this morning!  The bird did not go into the pond, though, just checked things out, again.  They were quite excited to see a deer as well.  :-))  The wilds of Saanich!


KenA said...

Is the liquid amber tree a birch or similar.
Good post and photos. Don't let the game warden catch you feeding the deer; he will think you are "baiting" them so as to have venison.
Actually, it is a common problem around here, :-(

Maggie said...

People mistake the liquid amber tree for a maple.
I don't think there is a game warden.. but we have had some idiots shooting deer with bows and arrows and leaving the carcasses just lying around, recently. There is some authority investigating this of course; police probably. It would be more palatable (pardon the pun) if they used the venison. In fact, there are many deer, geese, ducks and things in the city that are actually a nuisance to some people. I think we should have a way to change these extras into food for the homeless and the poor... without there being some nasty stigma attached to the act of finding food for themselves. There is so much going to waste. Like, if I could find a way to invite a homeless person to come and take some of the apples I am not using, it would make a lot more sense than letting them just go to waste. I could go on and on about this. There are so many imbalances in the food chain in our society.