Saturday, November 19, 2005

What a trip!

We arrived home a couple of days ago. The food, services, tours, everything was terrific. I could have stayed longer. The weather was a bit cooler. We did have some good Autumn color at the beginning of the trip. We had a couple days of sunshine, but mostly fog. We had 78 passengers when the capacity was 138, so we were upgraded to a cabin with 2 large windows, and 2 floors up from what we booked. We are so totally fortunate! We finished the trip with 2 nights in the Marriot Hotel in Bucharest and bus tours to Bran and around the city! Excellent guides -- too bad the weather was so crappy. Most everyone caught this nasty cold thing, too. I will save the rest for my page, I think.

Steve Haig is going to be loading his photos at and go to The great adventure. Should be interesting. Godaddy just dropped 900% more space on my page so I can add pictures and pdf slides if I want to. I should do a pdf of the trip with good ship lollipop for music. :)) Lloyd wants to see my pictures, so I shall skip to 2005 in my Travel page, I think. I have an idea that I want to do day one, two, etc. with text; so perhaps a page for each day, with 1 row of 4 pics per day.. maybe more pages for some days, like the Horseshow, or the locks stuff.

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